Glory and Terror

On Scribd, I’ve posted an early draft in the latest Imperfekt Gamme: Tales of Glory and Terror Fantasy RPG:

What is ToGaT RPG about? In the setting, a great empire has fallen to a monstrous horde, and the PCs are among the few survivors. Drawn together by tragedy, despised by their peers, they must hunt the invaders and search for the power to drive them away … power found in ancient ruins!

Currently you can generate PCs from a variety of Races and Professions. There are several magic styles, all flavored differently, but all use the same basic mechanic, for simplicity. Magic offers variety but doesn’t overshadow force of arms. Playable adventurers can be made in minutes, not hours, but the system encourages interesting heroes, with believable Passions. The system is the same as Invulnerable, but magic is toned down and tailored so even the creatures of the wilderness present a credible challenge to low-level PCs.

Have a look, and let me know what you think! As always, I’m at

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