More Stuff from Imperfekt Gammes

Done some preliminary work on a fantasy RPG for the Cosmology RPG Engine. It’s nice to see that Cosmology is robust enough to handle supers, dark modern fantasy, high fantasy, and probably other genres as well.

Also! Working on an adventure for Invulnerable, to be titled ‘Destroyer of Worlds!’ The heroes awaken, to discover that … the Earth has already been destroyed! They must travel back in time to prevent it from happening. But what unknown villain holds such awesome power? You’ll find out …

Finally, thanks to everyone that’s asked about work as an artist for Invulnerable. I’ve been really happy with Jason Rainville, but I’m open to other submissions. Contact me at Samples of art are appreciated, and so are professional references. Keep in mind, it may be a few days before I can get back to you.

Have a fantastic Fourth of July!

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