Tempest Oracle (ACKS Class)

This is a class I needed for Adventurer Conqueror King System to run my Five Free Cities game. A few years ago a friend was going to run a Pathfinder game, and my wife kind of fell in love with the Oracle class, and made a character that was a multiclass Oracle/Monk. We’ve never gotten back to Pathfinder, but she decided to reprise that character in our Burning Wheel game. Now we’re switching from Burning Wheel to ACKS, we wanted to bring that character back. We needed a divine caster who could see the future, and fight with their bare hands a bit, so after some tinkering, this is what I’ve got.

It’s tough to make a truly skilled unarmed fighter in ACKS, but with moderate hit points, enhanced ability to disarm opponents, and a boost to AC, Tempest Oracles are able to hold their own against many humanoid opponents, at least until a Cause Light Wounds or Spiritual Weapon or an armed companion can finish them off. And who doesn’t like being able to see the future on a regular basis?

Art Credit: Zeen Chin on Artstation https://www.artstation.com/artist/zeen

Tempest Oracles

Rankings: Hit Die: 1 (1d6/level), Fighting: 1a, Thieving: 0, Divine: 2, Arcane: 0, Racial (n/a):0.
Attack Throw: As Thief.
Prime Requisite(s): Wisdom.
Saving Throws: As Cleric.
Stronghold: Temple.
Starting Age: 14+1d4


  • Weapons Allowed: Restricted to club, dagger, staff, or whip, but may fight with 2-handed weapons, or dual weapons.
  • Armor Allowed: None.
  • Cleave: 1 per 2 Levels.

Custom Powers:

  • +1 to all unarmed damage, and never considered unarmed.
  • Blade-Dancing.
  • Probability Trance.

Proficiencies: As Clerics.

  • Gain Combat Trickery (Disarm) at 1st Level.
  • Some Tempest Oracles suffer from a severe disability, such as blindness.
    • Blindness: Blind Tempest Oracles suffer -4 to all ranged attacks, but an additional +1 to melee attack throws and +1 to AC against melee attacks because of their heightened senses. The character is unaffected by darkness and immune to illusions based on the physical senses, but benefits greatly from having sighted party members. Without guidance they can make their way as if they could see very dimly, at half speed, using their sense of hearing and by feeling the air currents; without guidance, they will trip and fall if they try to move at more than ½ speed.

XP and Powers:

  • 2nd Level: XP Required: 1500.
  • 3rd Level: XP Required: 3000, Proficiencies: Soothsaying.
  • 4th Level: XP Required: 6000
  • 5th Level: XP Required: 12,000
  • 6th Level: XP Required: 24,000
  • 7th Level: XP Required: 50,000
  • 8th Level: XP Required: 100,000
  • 9th Level: XP Required: 200,000
  • 10th Level: XP Required: 300,000.
  • 11th Level: XP Required: 400,000, Powers: Wholeness of Body.
  • 12th Level: XP Required: 500,000.
  • 13th Level: XP Required: 600,000.
  • 14th Level: XP Required: 700,000.

Description: Tempest Oracles are priestesses that specialize in two things: divining the future, and fighting with few or no weapons. Exclusive to Tesh Para, very few Tempest Oracles have spread beyond its borders, one known being Lai Fai of Thenalem.

Tempest Oracles defend the temples on the Sacred Mountain from despoilers. Tempest Oracles are not supposed to shed blood, so their weapons training is limited and they are not trained to wear armor, but they can still avoid getting hit, disarm enemies, and then push blasphemers off the steep mountain cliffs.

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