Half-Elven Warmage (ACKS Class)

I have a long-running setting for traditional kitchen-sink fantasy games. I call this setting the Five Free Cities, because that’s the basic starting area, even though the setting covers an entire continent. You can see a map of the setting here:


I’ve been running the setting for my wife recently in Burning Wheel Gold and, although I like that system, I feel like a change to something a little less fiddly. I’m looking at finally trying out the Adventurer Conqueror King System (ACKS), but a few of the characters need a custom class to really do justice.

Several of the characters are old favorites of ours, that she and I have carried from one system to another for years. One started out as a half-elven fighter-mage in AD&D 2E. I’m not a big fan of race-as-class, but the custom race rules in the ACKS Companion make it fairly easy to make new classes. So, here’s a Half-Elf Racial Template, and the Half-Elven Warmage Class for ACKS.

Art credit: original artist unknown; if you are the artist and would like this image removed, please contact me. Thanks.

Half-Elf Racial Template

The Half-Elf Racial Template is pretty similar to the Elf Racial Template, but it starts with fewer special powers than the full Elf Template does.

Note: This Template is built with the assumption, from this thread (http://www.autarch.co/forum/building-new-races-0), that custom powers and proficiencies are worth 40 XP each. Thanks to Matthew Skail on Google+ for pointing out my earlier, inflated values!

Prime Requisite: Intelligence 9+.

Half-Elf 0

  • Class Abilities: None.
  • Abilities: Elven Bloof proficiency, plus one bonus general proficiency.
  • XP Cost: 50.

Half-Elf 1

  • Class Abilities: ⅓ Mage.
  • Abilities: As above.
  • XP Cost: 675.

Half-Elf 2

  • Class Abilities: ½ Mage.
  • Abilities: As above.
  • XP Cost: 1300.

Half-Elf 3

  • Class Abilities: ⅔ Mage.
  • Abilities: As above.
  • XP Cost: 1925.

Half-Elf 4

  • Class Abilities: Full Mage.
  • Abilities: As above.
  • XP Cost: 2550.


Half-Elven Warmage

Rankings: Hit Die: 1 (1d6/level), Fighting: 1b, Thieving: 0, Divine: 0, Arcane: 2, Racial (Half-Elf): 1.
Attack Throw: As Thief.
Prime Requisite(s): Intelligence 9+, Strength 9+.
Saving Throws: As Mage.
Stronghold (9th Level): Magic College or Dungeon.
Starting Age: 60+3d4

  • Weapons Allowed: Any one-handed weapon, any missile weapon, 2-handed weapons, but NOT weapon and shield.
  • Armor Allowed: Leather only.
  • Cleave: 1 per 2 Levels.

Custom Powers:

  • Spellcasting: Cast spells as Mage of their level.
  • Bonus Proficiencies: Elven Bloodline (AKA Longevity).

Proficiencies: As Mage.

XP and Powers

  • 2nd Level: XP Required: 2925.
  • 3rd Level: XP Required: 5850.
  • 4th Level: XP Required: 11,700, Proficiency: Battle Magic.
  • 5th Level: XP Required: 23,400.
  • 6th Level: XP Required: 46,800.
  • 7th Level: XP Required: 95,000.
  • 8th Level: XP Required: 190,000.
  • 9th Level: XP Required: 340,000.
  • 10th Level: XP Required: 490,000, Powers: Spell Storing.
  • 11th Level: XP Required: 640,000.
  • 12th Level: XP Required: 790,000.

Description: Half-Elven Warmages are half-elves who retain their elven parent’s devotion to both swords and spells. Raised in elven dominions amidst prejudice for their “lesser” blood, they often learn to fight to prove themselves.

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